but then the morning comes, and we turn back into pumpkins, right?

well, when we go to floating skeletons with our problems, we get what we pay for

4 March 1991
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haley, 18, abalamer.
i'm pretty easy to get along with. i really like liverpool fc
& university of alabama football. i'm a libertarian (♥ ron paul :]). i can listen
to anything & am by no means a music snob. one day i'll make movies (i think my netflix
subscription makes me a movie god). my best friend says i have a magenta aura, & i'm a
pisces, if that means anything to you. i hate money but i'm a slave to it. i'm terrible
dancer & an even worse conversationalist. i plan but with zero self-discipline so it never
works out. i watch a lot of sports & my tv's always on espn. the only tv shows i watch with
any dedication are the office & gossip girl. i use a lot of ampersands & i used
to write frequently. i'm fascinated by the 70s & 90s. i could live off cereal. right now,
i'm just taking things as they come & making it up as i go along.

(this journal is about half open & half friends-only open at the moment. let me know if you add me.)